Hey, Even Socrates Understood Produced Water


The Greeks had a way of looking at things – don’t go to either extreme, but find the way of truth in the middle. They often called it the “Golden Middle.” When it comes to what to do about produced water, we’re with Socrates!

You see, in our hyper-polarized society, these days if you are FOR drilling for oil, that must mean you are AGAINST the environment. And, if you’re FOR the environment, that must mean you are AGAINST drilling for oil. But, that’s not us. And, it’s probably not you, either.

Instead, we are in the middle when we say that we are out to increase the STEWARDSHIP OF OUR LANDS. See, the land needs things. And, people who live on the land also need things. So, we can find the middle way, if we are trying to find a win/win but keeping stewardship as the goal.

What do you think? Are you in the middle with us? 

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