Conservation By-Design is a patent-pending process developed by Marvin Nash to transform industrial by-product water into renewable, beneficial-use water to apply to arid ground to accomplish multiple goals.

—> Carbon Dioxide in the air is locked away into the vegetation.

—> grasslands and other vegetation growS

—> Agriculture expands

—> Conservation goals are met


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WHY is it Conservation“BY-DESIGN”?

We custom design a plan based on a number of factors like location, soil health, water source, and your goals.

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We can talk together and figure out a go-forward plan.

Encore Green Environmental will pull all the parties together to make your dry, arid land become a grassland oasis.

“Water changes everything. Bringing water to our arid lands improves the climate, the life of the ranchers, our soil health, and indirectly our drinking water. Transforming by-product water is a must-do.”
— Marvin Nash, Encore Green Environmental