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Our Mission

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We’re here to transform our arid lands into

green havens of vegetative growth.


We do this by not being on

anyone’s political side.

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We’re Not For The Environmentalists We’re Not For The Oil Companies


we invite you to join us in being the stewards of our land.

The ‘perfect storm’ is brewing over the heartland of America, where divergent industries and concerns are coming together to accomplish something we could not do individually.

Encore Green Environmental’s patent-pending methodology, Conservation By-Design, brings the perfect storm together for unprecedented environmental and industrial results.


Industry (Oil & Manufacturing) Has

Too Much By-Product Water.

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Vast Acres of Arid Land Near the Industrial Sites Need Water to Grow Vegetation for Ag, Conservation, and Climate HEALTH.

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o u r S o l u t i o n

Clean the By-Product Water and Use It to Grow Vegetation. If We Do, Then Everyone Wins!

  • Soil Health is Increased

  • Conservation Expands

  • Agriculture Can Grow

  • Carbon Dioxide is Mitigated

  • Climate Change is Halted

  • Drinking Water Aquifers Are Not Drained for Conservation or Ag

o u r 3 g u i d i n g p r i n c i p l e s

> THe Health of the Land, Water, and Vegetation is Top Priority

> Conservation By-Design is Built on a Viable Economic Model.

> The Makeup of the Water That is Applied to the Ground is Publicly Available and Traceable.

Encore Green Environmental is talking to Landowners, Oil Companies, Manufacturing Plants, Government Regulators, Policy Makers, Environmentalists, and Concerned Citizens.

Let’s talk with you!

Let’s See How We Can Work Together for the Good of Us All.


Conservation by-desigN™

Our patent-pending methodology, uses soil and water sciences, advanced data collection, traceability, and sound economic models. With the help of soil and water’s photosynthesis “technology,” the dry land is transformed. Conservation expands, agriculture thrives, and carbon is taken out of the air.