We want to thank the groups that have helped us understand how best to steward the arid lands here in the West. 

Specifically, we want to thank the Environmental Defense Fund, the Powder River Business Council, and those we met when presenting to the EPA in DC – such as Earthworks. We listened, learned, and applied that understanding to developing Conservation By-Design™ as a way to transform produced/by-product water into water that is perfect for the surrounding soil, leading to great soil health, vegetative growth, and carbon sequestration. All the while, we provide a new, same-cost-as-status-quo solution to the energy companies to “dispose” of produced water, which makes fossil fuels less intrusive on the environment. 

We can all learn from one another. Want to talk? Give us a call. 818.470.0285.

Or take a look at Conservation By-Design™ for yourself: HERE.