What Do We Do? We Overcome Obstacles


The short history of Encore Green Environmental is a history of overcoming obstacles. Here’s how we’ve answered these “insurmountable” issues. 

“It’s Not How We Do It”

No, but it can be. Slowly our minds are changing. 

“It’ll Cost Too Much”

Nope, the oil company redirects their total disposal costs to us. They are paying same or less.

“You Can’t Clean Up The Water – Too Dirty”

This may have been true a few years ago, but technology has evolved. Often, this objection is based on old ideas, rumors, and even misinformation.

“Coal Bed Methane History – We Don’t Want A Repeat”

Neither do we. Previously a high volume of water was put on a little acreage. Now, we put a little water on a lot of acres. That changes everything.

“You Can’t Get A Permit”

Actually, the Clean Water Act of 1973 says west of the 98th meridian, industrial produced water can be applied to the ground. It has been a long road to walk, but in two states, we are close to a permit.

So, if you have an objection or obstacle in mind for why the arid West can’t have a new source of water, let us know. We like to overcome obstacles. It’s what we do.