Encore Green Environmental and DrillCom Join Together to Advance Environmental Stewardship

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Technology Meets Agriculture in the Oilfield

Agricultural company Encore Green Environmental and remote communications company DrillComm jointly announced their alliance to advance stewardship of the lands in Wyoming as part of the Just Add Water Initiative. 

DrillComm is a leader in remote cellular and satellite communication solutions for multiple industries and brings this understanding to the challenge of produced/by-product water management. 

“We are excited to apply our area of expertise to this endeavor so that we can better take care of our lands and accomplish the goals of the Just Add Water Initiative,” says John Huff, President of DrillComm. “We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of this and look forward to working together.” 

 The Just Add Water Initiative transforms produced/by-product water from oil wells into safe, clean water to apply to the land for agriculture and conservation. The additional vegetative growth due to this new source of water on the arid land not only increases grasslands, stops erosion, and increases soil health, it also naturally mitigates carbon from the air due to photosynthesis. Historically, this produced/by-product water is disposed of into an injection well. In Wyoming alone, over 71 billion gallons of such water is tossed away each year.

“As we launched our Conservation By-Design™ method to put this water to beneficial use, it became clear we needed a technology solution to take advantage of the additional opportunities that the Just Add Water Initiative provides. Given their track record of achievement, we could have no one better than DrillComm to come alongside to explore these opportunities,” says Seth Frentheway, Director of Environmental Technologies at Encore Green Environmental.

Conservation By-Design™ is agronomy-centric and begins by testing the soil on the land near the oil well. The water is then tested to determine its makeup to match the soil’s ‘DNA’ for optimal vegetation growth. The water is processed there, close to the well, so no trucking is needed. Once the water matches the soil’s needs, it is applied to the  land, creating a total ecological solution.

To learn more about Conservation By-Design™ visit www.encoregreenenvironmental.com/cbd.

To learn more about DrillComm, visit www.soundandcellular.com/#about