Upfront Capital to Clean Water? Here’s a Better Way


The traditional ways we process/clean the water that comes from the oilfield is a capital intensive endeavor. Sometimes even massive. Don’t believe us? Just ask some of your friends in the Permian; they have a hundred million here, a hundred million there. To paraphrase Warren Buffet, pretty soon, you’re talking about real money.

That’s why we created Conservation By-Design™ to be economically viable in a pay-as-you-go business model. We take care of all the capital investment to set up, arrange the scientific testing and evaluation, clean the water, and properly and safely apply to the surrounding land. It not only ‘disposes’ of the water, it puts that water to use for ag and conservation.

And while lots of models call for $6 or even $8 a barrel to clean water plus the massive treatment facilities upfront costs, at Encore Green Environmental, we keep it simple. Whatever it’s costing you to dispose of the water right now (including things like trucking – all the costs), we’ll match or better that per barrel cost. 

You pay as we clean the water based on barrel count. It helps your cash flow and it helps the overall project. And did we mention the soil, vegetation, and air also are helped?

Talk to us. We’re all for finding the better way.