How About This Green New Deal?

EG New Deal.001.jpeg

With apologies to the Representative from New York, we’d like to swipe the title of your proposed deal. 

See, a “green new deal” is what we’ve been talking about. No, not a Roosevelt-era “New Deal.”  A new deal for the land. Sometimes, that’s who doesn’t get the best deal, when we look at the history of the arid west. 

See, the Encore Green New Deal is based on our company, Encore Green Environmental. Our new deal is called Conservation By-Design™ and it’s green and a good deal.

We take the produced/by-product water from the fracking wells and we make it all green. The water is cleaned to match the surrounding soil’s specs and then it’s applied to the land to grow things. This results in a total ecological solution – better soil, cleaner air though organic carbon capture, and best of all --  water on formerly arid land. Everyone wins. Especially the land.

Let’s make a green, new deal.,

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