Carbon Capture? We’ve Been Doing That For Years!


Carbon capture or carbon sequestration is a process where carbon is removed from the air, which improves air quality and mitigates climate disruption. It sounds like a pretty new, innovative idea. 

Well, it’s actually a process as old as dirt.

See one way to accomplish this is through a big word we all learned in school: PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

In case you can’t remember, that’s the process where a plant in the dirt, with the help of sunshine and water, will grow. No big deal to that, right? 

But wait! As part of that growing, the plants are hard-wired to pull carbon dioxide OUT of the air. 

They pull it into the plant and “sequester” it in the roots and surrounding soil. But that’s not all. The plant then releases oxygen into the air.

So, carbon gets cleaned out of the air, and nice, clean oxygen gets releases into the air. That’s photosynthesis, which accomplishes carbon capture.

That leads us to our point. If you want to clean up the air in the arid western states, grow things. And if you want to grow things on arid land, you have to introduce a new source of water. 

That’s what we do. It’s called Conservation By-Design™ and we re-purpose industrial produced/by-product water by cleaning it and applying it just right on the thirsty soil. 

Talk to us about it. You know you want to.

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