We Invented Water


Okay, we really didn’t. But that’s the comment we got the other day on The Crude Life podcast when we explained Conservation By-Design™ . You can hear it HERE:

It’s not an invention of water, but rather re-defines HOW we handle the gazillion gallons of produced/by-product water that fracking wells spit out.  

Normally we count that water as ‘waste’ and inject it on the ground as no-good, not worth thinking about. Is that what we do with crude oil? Nobody puts it in their gas tank as crude. We refine it and then put it to good use. Why can’t we do the same with the water coming out of that same well.

We can process it to make it match the soil’s needs, sure. But can it be done in an economic model that makes sense? Up till now no. But today, Conservation By-Design™ has a viable model that doesn’t cost more than injection.

PLUS, we solve the big problem about water cleaning – what do you do with the water once it’s rid of foreign chemicals? Ship it somewhere? That’s not practical or economically viable. Inject it back in the ground like we do the unprocessed water? 

Why don’t we process that water to match the surrounding soil and then let’s apply that water to the ground for ag and conservation. That’s Conservation By-Design™. We didn’t invent water. It just seems like we did.

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