Reflections While Waiting at Lubbock Airport 


I have had the good fortune to meet and make friends with a lot of great people in my life. One of those was a true cowboy.

No, really, he played football for the Dallas Cowboys. And, oh yeah, he was also a PRCA rodeo cowboy steer wrestler and darn good pool player and he could even whittle a piece, if time permitted. 

So what does knowing Walt Garrison have to do with oil and gas, Encore Green Environmental, soil health and agriculture? Well, let me explain.

It’s 4 am and I’m at the airport in Lubbock Texas heading to Houston. Yesterday our company entered in to an MOU to start re-purposing water for agriculture use in the Hobbs, NM area. It’s a big project, covering over 65,000 acres. 

I meet with two ranchers that have worked on this idea for over 15 years and now it’s our company’s responsibility to make it happen -- and we will. 

So how does this involve Walt Garrison? Back in the day, if you asked Coach Tom Landry, he’d say that if it’s 4th and 3, give the ball to Garrison and he’ll get 3 yards. If it’s 3rd and 10 give the ball to Garrison and he’ll get 3 yards. 

That’s like Encore Green Environmental. My point is that we are here to get the last 3 yards. The other guys laid the ground work and set the idea of this conversation into play. Now, we’re here to go the last 3 yards and get our Pioneer spirits over the goal.

Thanks for trusting Encore Green Environmental. Walt, thanks for helping us all learn the impact of 3 yards.

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