Quit Sticking Your Head – And Produced – Water in the Sand!


Even though many say ostriches don’t really stick their head in the sand, we know some people that are doing just that. 

Okay, they don’t literally put their head in the sand, but they are literally sticking oilfield by-product/produced water into the sand. Or clay. Or dirt.

You see, when an oil company fracks, 3 to 6 times the amount of by-product/produced water comes out for every 1 barrel of oil. With the foresight of an ostrich, we collectively take that water and stick it in an injection well. 

But -- we don’t know what the quality of that water is. We just know that chemicals were added in the fracking process. 

And -- we don’t know where that water goes once injected. 

And – we are losing opportunity of doing something better with this water.

But now - we can keep ignoring the problems that this “solution” creates. Or . . . 

We can get our collective heads out of the sand and do something a bit smarter with this water. 

Let’s clean it by getting rid of those chemicals. Then, let’s apply it to the dry, dusty dirt of the West and grow vegetation. This starts a chain reaction of better soil, better vegetation, better air quality. 

We have a patent pending methodology, Conservation By-Design, that can accomplish all this.

But we won’t do one bit of it if our head is sticking in the sand!

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