It’s Not “Produced Water Disposal” – It’s Just “Moved Water”  


Are you not short, but “height challenged”? Are you not overweight, just “short for your weight”? Do you think that your cousin is not dumb, just “intellectually challenged”?

If so, then you probably call taking the by-product water from an oil well and trucking or piping it to an injection well and putting it in the ground as “disposing” of the water.

It’s not disposed of. It’s just been moved. 

When the oil company fracks, 3 to 6 times the amount of water comes out of the oil well compared to the actual oil. That water is then “disposed of.” But it’s still water and it’s still here. It just got moved to a new location and stuck in the ground. 

Let’s call it what it really is – it’s throwing away water.

With Conservation By-Design™, this water can be cleaned and put out onto the land. It’s not moved. It’s not disposed of. It’s put to use. That clean water helps the soil become healthy and to do the thing soil and water were designed to do – grow vegetation.

The oil company throws away trillions of gallons of water each year – the majority of that water is in the ARID West.  

Maybe we get a little less “intellectually challenged” about this – and put this water to beneficial-use for the good of us all!


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