What If The Sky Really Is Falling?


Everybody knows that guy, right?  He sees the glass half-empty and predicts doom as a hobby. But what if at least on water scarcity he’s right?

Here in the arid West, we need every drop of water we can find just to maintain the people, the cities, the conservation, and the agriculture we currently have. We can’t grow. But that’s not why we think the sky is starting to crumble. 

We are concerned because the status quo of our water usage in the West is significantly threatened.

We gotta have water to do all the things we need to do, from food to conservation to drinking water. The arid West has always been defined by the need for water – and literal wars have been fought over it.  

But you can put your six-shooter away. We don’t need to go to war – we just need a new solution.

At Encore Green Environmental, we have that solution. But it’s not what you expect!

Let’s use a NEW source of water for the arid West. And then let’s water the heck out of our land. 


In the arid West, alongside our dry dirt devoid of vegetation sits thousands and thousands of oil wells. 

Yeah, so?

So, these oil wells produce oil, of course. But also, because of fracking, they spit out by-product water – 3 to 6 times the amount of water to oil. That’s trillions of gallons a year of this by-product water that is right now injected back into a well or left to evaporate. 

Here’s a wacky idea, why don’t we clean that water and then apply it to the land and get vegetation growing?  Because if vegetation grows, then conservation, agriculture, and air quality goals can be met and exceeded!

Let’s use this water to re-frack. Let’s use this water to for ag and conservation so that the aquifer is not being drained. 

In short – why don’t we keep the sky from falling by simply cleaning the water and applying it to our lands.

You say that might be hard to do. 

But we’ve already done the hard part:

·     We have a patent pending methodology called Conservation By-Design to  accomplish all this. 

·     We have worked to get legislation to facilitate it. 

·     We have worked to plot a regulatory pathway for it. 

·     We have worked it as a business to make it not cost more to the oil companies than they currently pay for “disposal.” 

Worried about the sky falling on your land, your kitchen tap, or your business? Let’s talk. 

The sky doesn’t have to fall.

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