Fracking Now Works for Everyone

There was a time when the f-word that some groups in our society wouldn’t say out loud was “fracking.” They might say the ‘other’ word, but they considered fracking a heinous activity.

Now, none of the fear was based on science. Its origin was that opponents of ‘fossil fuels’ knew that fracking would breathe new life into US oil production.

And, indeed, that’s what happened. Fracking has made the figurative and literal wheels of our society keep turning without dependence on oil from other countries. Hey, we’re all for free trade, right? Only problem is that we get oil from the very same list of countries that are sworn enemies of ours or at least have questionable allegiances to us. Better we eat at home and not get “take out.”

But, fracking did have serious problems. The biggest is that the process of fracking results in that for every 1 barrel of oil that comes out of the ground, along comes 3 to 7 barrels of by-product/produced water. This water needs to be cleaned and so our collective plan has been to take this by-product/produced water and move it. Yep, move it, not clean it. It’s primarily moved to another hole in the ground. With this method, the by-product problem of fracking remains a genuine environmental concern.

But not anymore. Using Conservation By-Design™ methodology, this water can be cleaned and not thrown away. Instead, it’s put out on the arid land that surrounds most oil wells in the US.

With this new source of water, that dead dirt becomes healthy soil. Then vegetation grows. Then, erosion is mitigated. And the vegetation helps carbon in the air to be swapped for oxygen.

So, because of fracking, there can be a greater amount of carbon sequestration to clean up our air and mitigate climate disruption.


·      Fracking works for the economy.

·      Fracking works for industry. Perhaps one day we won’t need so much fossil fuel. But until then, we need oil. Fracking gives it to us.

·      And – if you use Conservation By-Design™, fracking works to create a total ecological solution.

Fracking works for everyone. All we have to do is Just Add Water.

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