So, What’s an ‘Agricultural Midstream Company” Anyway?


We’ve claimed to be the first and only Agricultural Midstream Company. We call ourselves that because we don’t fit into any of the other categories.

  •  We clean water, but we’re not a water cleaning company.

  • We move produced water, but we’re not an energy midstream company.

  • We work for the benefit of the land, but we don’t own land.

  • We facilitate an abundance of vegetation, but we aren’t growers or producers.


We do something so different that until we came along, nobody had a category for us. But now, we have one.

We are pleased to be the Agricultural Midstream Company.

 It’s not unlike a 3 Ring Circus. Remember those?

For the price of just one ticket, you got to see the elephants in one ring, the acrobats in another, and the tigers in a third. Holding it all together was a Ringleader who kept it all going. He wasn’t an elephant, acrobat, or tiger. He did something different.

In the world of oilfield produced/by-product water, we are the Ringleader.


  • Instead of elephants, in the first ring, we have the energy company trying their best to get oil out of the ground. They succeed, but they have trillions of gallons of produced/by-product water they have to get rid of. No plan for the water, no drilling. Their temporary solution of injection wells or evaporation isn’t keeping up with the growing amount of water. Yes, we’re looking at you, Permian Basin. We’re on the side of the energy companies.

  •  Instead of acrobats, we have the environmentalists in the second ring. They are rightly concerned over this by-product/produced water, since it’s a trade secret just exactly what’s in that water that is being injected into wells, pits, and ponds. They want to know that the environment isn’t being harmed in the name of fossil fuel. We’re also on the side of the environmentalists.

  • Instead of tigers, we have the regulators who are charged with being responsible to execute the EPA’s policies to protect our land. Now, since our whole orientation is agriculture, we are on the side of the regulators, especially when they are putting the land first. So, we’re on their side, too.

What does the Ringleader do? Well, we stand in the middle of those rings and figure out how each one of them can win.


Encore Green Environmental can take that water from the oil companies, clean it, and apply to arid lands. We do it for the same price they’re paying to put it down an injection well.


When we take that water, we do two things that make the environmentalists smile: We publicly disclose the water quality tests of the water being applied to the ground – it’s not a trade secret, anybody can know it. And since we’re putting clean water on the ground, then we have vegetation. If we have vegetation, we have erosion mitigation and better air quality through carbon capture. That makes the environmentalists smile because then, in a bit of irony, they have fossil fuel drilling cleaning up the air!


When we take that water, we make the regulators happy as well, because we give them something they don’t have now: water quality data. Our AgWaterSoil Solutions™ data process gives continual monitoring of the water on the ground, both the quality and the quantity. Right now, regulators only know how much water is being put in injection wells. With our system, we tell them what that water is all about that is on the ground, creating growth.

The Ringleader keeps everyone doing what they do best.


Also, just outside the Big Top is the Barker calling everyone over. We don’t have those, but we have private equity that’s fueling the tech revolution on new ways to clean the water.


And the most important character in this silly metaphor of a circus? He’s off to the side, doing a few magic tricks in a booth. He doesn’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, but he manages to pull acres and acres of food out of arid soil to feed this whole planet. He’s the landowner and agriculturist. We give him water. That makes him smile.

So, we actually have a 5 Ring Circus going on.

Come one, come all. The world’s first Agricultural Midstream Company is in business.

Give us a call. They’re room for everyone under the Big Top.