What Does Cleaning By-Product Water Have in Common with Mozart??


We don’t get to reference Mozart too often – or, heck, even Beethoven, Bach, or the Beatles.  We re-purpose oilfield by-product/produced water for ag and conservation and that process usually doesn’t have a soundtrack.

But Mozart was told something that we are told quite often. In the movie “Amadeus” based on Mozart’s life, this scene sounds way too familiar to us. Mozart has just played a new composition for the Emperor.

MOZART: So, then you like it? You really like it, Your Majesty? 
EMPEROR: Of course I do. It's very good. Of course, now and then - just now and then - it gets a touch elaborate. 
MOZART: What do you mean, Sire? 
EMPEROR: Well, I mean occasionally it seems to have, how shall one say? How shall one say, Director? 
ORSINI-ROSENBERG: Too many notes, Your Majesty? 
EMPEROR: Exactly. Very well put. Too many notes. 

We often find ourselves in front of the Emperor ourselves. Okay, maybe not a real Emperor. 

But we often have similar conversations with an E&P executive or a regulator or a landowner or an environmentalist. 

And they say that Conservation By-Design™ has “too many moving parts.”

See, no one is used to cooperating. That’s not business as usual . But for us to get the benefits of the ‘Just Add Water’ Initiative, everyone has to come onboard. Sure, that’s a lot of people, but the end result? Brand new clean water to our arid lands and a better environment.

Let’s work together on the moving parts. If we do, we’ll make beautiful music.