Ag Independence – What the Heck is That?


Once upon a time, we all were in the agriculture business because if you wanted to eat, that was your business. You grew enough for your family, if you the weather was good. You’d maybe reap a little more if the soil and the seed and your back cooperated.

That was then. 

Today for most people, agriculture is something that somebody else does. Most people in the US “harvest” by taking a trip to the grocery store and filling up a shopping cart. Many are happy to have independence fromag. But that’s not what we’re talking about. 

For those of us in the agriculture industry, we work to make sure that there is independence forag. 

In the arid West, agriculture is bound hand and foot by scarcity of water. What you can grow, what type of herds you raise, the value of your farm or ranch all depend on the amount of water you have. 

In fact, we never think about independence from scarcity of water because, well, that’s just how it is. Might as well complain that the sun doesn’t come up early enough in the morning. We can’t change it.

And that’s true. Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything, right?

But in the arid West, because of the oil industry, there are trillions of gallons of water each year and they are desperate to get rid of it, so they inject it down a hole in the ground and toss it away.

Maybe the ag industry could come up with a better use for that water than throwing it away? (that was sarcasm)

What if you had a few more acre inches of water on your soil? What would that mean? Greater yield? Different yield? Greater value?

At Encore Green Environmental, we are an ag company dedicated to stewarding our lands. We work with landowners to bring everyone together so that cleaned water from the oil well that matches the needs of your soil can be applied to your land.

That’s independence. 

Join the revolution.