Waste is Such a Waste


You know what some people call industrial by-product water? They call it ‘wastewater.’ 

As if any water (yes, even that nasty water you’re imagining) should be wasted. You know that even the sewers and septic tank water gets cleaned up and put to a beneficial use. So, why do we call the oil field water that’s produced as part of pumping crude oil “waste”?

Well, at Encore Green Environmental, we don’t call it that. We call it “by-product water” because it’s a by-product of oil production. We kind like to keep things simple . . .  

Some like to call it “produced water” and that makes a little more sense. However, the oil company did NOT get a permit to pump or produce water. They are permitted to do their main business of getting the crude oil out of the ground. Water is just a headache for them; that’s why it’s easier to just waste it down an injection well or evaporate it in a pond. 

No, water is NOT to be wasted. We customize solutions using our patent-pending method of Conservation By-Design™ to clean the water and then apply it to the ground to grow things like grassland. And if you grow things, the soil gets better, and the air quality gets better. It all gets better because we don’t waste the by-product water.

So, let’s stop tossing it away. It’s a waste we can’t afford.

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