For Ag, Every Day is Earth Day


If you’re a farmer or rancher, April 22 is just another day on the calendar because every day is Earth Day. At Encore Green Environmental, we’re an agricultural company who ultimately serves and stewards the land, the ground, the soil, terra firma – the Earth.

It’s good to celebrate the Earth, even if that means different things for different people.

·     For some, it’s a religious experience who sees Mother Earth as a force or goddess.

·     For some, it’s a celebration of a political opinion.

·     And for some, especially in ag, it’s a celebration of the soil and ecosystems that make breathing, eating, and living possible. Plus, well, we kind of like the way dirt feels to the touch. 

If you’re an environmentalist or in the ag industry or maybe you make policy or maybe you’re at an oil company, let’s do something for the Earth. Give us a call. We customize solutions to take industrial by-product water and use it to expand conservation, sequester carbon, and grow things.

You can read about our Just Add Water Initiative and how we can do it for you.

So, give a call. You know, for the sake of the earth.