How’s That Water Scarcity Working Out For You?


Over 40% of the United States is considered arid land. If you live in a non-arid land, then water is always right there when you turn on the kitchen tap. You might even hear that people “somewhere else” experience year-round aridity and frequent droughts. 

But if you live in the western US, then you know how valuable every little drop of water is. You know that there just isn’t enough water to take care of homes, businesses, ranches, and farms. And providing water to land for conservation sounds like a luxury we simply can’t afford when our most valuable currency is water.

But not anymore.

Encore Green Environmental, along with partners, has announced the ‘Just Add Water’ Initiative which turn arid states into non-arid states. Yep, just like that, we just add water and change our very existence.  Read about it by clicking the button.

You see, the arid states happen to overlap with the major oil producing states. And that’s the opportunity. These oil producers are pulling up hundreds of millions (yes, hundreds of millions) of gallons of water a year. The water comes out as part of the process of getting the oil out of the ground. And do we use that water to solve our aridity problems?

No, we throw away that water down an injection well.

In the 1930’s when injection wells first started, it was maybe a good idea. But now we have better technologies to clean the by-product water and a one-of-a-kind method called Conservation By-Design™. Together, we can take this massive volume of water in the arid states and put it on the ground for conservation and ag — and if they are using this cleaned ‘beneficial-use’ water, then they aren’t draining water from the aquifer. And if that’s not all, added vegetation growth like grassland releases more oxygen and pulls the undesirable carbon out of the air. 

So, what’s stopping us? Tradition? A reluctance to do the hard work to figure it all out? Maybe even a concern over one’s job if things change?

At Encore Green Environmental, our tradition is doing what’s right and best for the land. And, we’ve done the hard work to figure it out. So, we’ve solved your problems. Give us a call – ask us a question. We’ll talk about it. 818.470.0285