You Say “Dirt” – I Hear “Soil” 


So, what’s the difference between soil and dirt? Well, you probably think that the two words mean the same thing.  

But they don’t.

One way to think of it is that dirt is dead soil. Dirt is good for filling in potholes and not much else. But soil is the stuff of magic that makes a seed turn into a gigantic oak or grows vegetables for us to eat or creates grassland to help put more oxygen in the air and take out the carbon we seem to have too much of lately.

If you ate breakfast this morning, it was because of soil – whether it was a power smoothie or a Denny’s Grand Slam. Soil gives us so many things and we take it for granted. That’s why at Encore Green Environmental we’re all about the soil. Because our patent-pending method, called Conservation By-Design, takes that soil and adds water. And when you do that, the dirt becomes soil. And then the magic happens.

Give a call. Let’s talk dirt – and soil.  

We’re on the land’s side.