RANCH FOR SALE – It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way


Is it just us or does it seem like the oil companies are buying up huge ranches throughout the western states? Did they suddenly get the urge to raise cattle? No, it looks like that the environmental pressure has backed them in a corner. And so they came up with Plan B.

Plan B is to buy land. Then, they’re not worried about the landowner,  because they become the landowners. Regulators have less to say about private property. In effect, they buy their way out of the environmental pressure.

And who loses? The rancher who may have been tempted to sell the family legacy? Perhaps. The regulators who have less influence? Maybe.

But here’s what we do know:

The biggest loser is the land. And at Encore Green Environmental, we are on the side of the land. And now the land will not be used for what land is designed for. It will be a place where water of questionable content is injected into the ground.

We don’t blame the oil company, they have been playing chicken with the environmentalists for decades. We don’t blame the environmentalists, because their intentions were good, but they just weren’t that wise in how they went about it.

Here’s the part we’re writing about. It didn’t have to be this way. Our methodology cleans up that by-product water and puts it on the land to grow grassland. This gets rid of the water and benefits the environment by pulling CO2 out of the air. Oil wins. Environmentalists win. And most importantly, the land wins. 

It’s not too late to do it differently. We can work with the oil company turned ranch owner to make sure the land is taken care of. We can work with the environmentalists to make sure that carbon gets sequestered. 

Give a call. We’re not on your side – we’re on the land’s side. But we can figure out a plan so that you can win also.