Rescuing Water – Who Thought It’d Come To This?


If you made a list of all the places in the United States that would “dispose” of water by throwing it away, you might think of rainy Seattle or the wet Southeast – places where there’s an abundance of water. You’d never think the desperate-for-water arid lands of the Western U.S. would just toss away billions of gallons of water. That’d be crazy, right?

But that’s what’s going on.

In just one year, over 70 billion gallons of industrial water was injected back into the ground – instead of being cleaned up and used to water the very thirsty surrounding land. AND THAT WAS JUST IN WYOMING! This is the practice in other arid states like New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and many others.

So, Encore Green Environmental finds itself in the water rescue business. We’re trying to keep ourselves from continuing the wasteful and dangerous practice of injecting industrial water into the ground.

It’s wasteful because, well, it’s sticking the water in the ground instead of putting it to good use.

It’s potentially dangerous because we aren’t sure of the industrial water’s makeup that we’re putting into the ground and, industry ain’t telling. In fact, once it’s in the ground we aren’t 100% sure it stays put or starts to travel.

So, what should we do instead? We should rescue that water.

Let’s take it and evaluate it. Clean it up to match the surrounding soil. Then, apply it on the ground – telling anyone who wants to know what that water is made up of. There. Water is rescued. Green things grow. Carbon is sequestered. 

Let’s get in the rescue business. Give us a call.