Are you an E&P or an E&P?


Well, which are you? Are you part of the oil industry’s Exploration & Production? Or are you an Environmentalist & Protestor? 

Either way, we have good news for you. 

At Encore Green Environmental, we can help both of you meet your goals. The first E&P needs to safely and efficiently move the oil and water from the well. The second E&P needs to make sure that the environment is treated well, and our efforts are stopping climate change.

The two of you have spent decades fighting each other. It’s probably hard to hear that not only do you have the same name, you could actually work together. 

Encore Green Environmental can take that water from the oil well, clean it up, and apply it to the ground, which then grows all sorts of things. And what do growing things do? They clean up the air. Every plant and tree goes through photosynthesis and puts O2in the air and takes out CO2.

The E&P wins and the E&P wins. Give us a call. We’ll tell you how both of you E&Ps can meet your needs.