You dad was right. Remember how you kept the water running while you brushed your teeth and he’d walk by and turn off the tap? What’d he say -  “We don’t waste water.”  Right?

You’d think we’d accept that now as grownups. But in the ARID WEST, our collective wisdom says that we should toss away oilfield water (the by-product of an oil well) because it’s “waste water.” Really?

Maybe 30 years ago, the technology wasn’t here. And certainly, our Conservation By-Design™ patent-pending method was not here then. But here we are now. 

We’re ready to transform the “waste water” into water transformed to ideal specs to match the surrounding soil’s needs. That results in better soil health, conservation goals, ag goals, more carbon captured out of the air, and most of all – we’re not wasting water! And we’ve figured out how to do it for the same or less than irresponsible disposal costs.

So, energy industry folks who are slow to change, “We don’t waste water.” 

So, environmental folks who don’t like that this makes fossil fuel more environmentally-friendly, “We don’t waste water.” 

So, government regulators who have agendas that sometimes are hard to understand, “We don’t waste water.”

We can do this. We don’t waste water. 

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