We Like Questions


When you do something new, like clean produced/by-product water to apply on the land, there’s going to be questions. The biggest one we get lately is, “Can you really do it?” That’s a legit question. What the asker means is, “Can you REALLY do it and safely?”

The quick answer: Yes.

The longer answer:

We use established, accepted scientific practices to test both the surrounding soil and the produced water. We test for dozens of potential water quality issues, but welcome conversation if there’s something we’re not testing for that you think should be tested for. 

Then, after cleaning, we apply those same tests again to make sure the water clean was successful.

Then, we continue to monitor the water in/on the soil on an ongoing basis.

We put all of the test results of the clean water and ongoing monitoring on our website for anyone to see.

It’s not easy to get the stakeholders to try something new – the landowners, the oil companies, the regulators, and the environmentalists all have questions. And we’ve spent two years answering them. 

We call it Conservation By-Design™ and it can answer the questions.  

Don’t be shy: Ask us YOUR question HERE.