Let's Go Green – As In “Green Grass"


We all want to be green. Heck, we named our company Encore GREEN Environmental.

And we agree we should recycle, not waste our resources, and in general take care of our lands and waters and air. But we also mean “green” like the color of grass. 

We live and work in the arid West and when we look at the horizon, we often see brown dirt and not green grass. We all know why. Not enough rain. 

But at Encore GREEN Environmental, we want to turn that view of the horizon green. We are taking the oilfield produced/by-product water and cleaning it to match the surrounding soil’s “DNA” and applying that water on the ground in order to grow grass. 

Not only is this a much better way to “dispose” of this water, but we also get lots of benefits like carbon mitigation, improved soil health, and increased conservation. 

All with just green grass.

So, let’s go green figuratively AND literally. Let’s turn the arid West green.

Give a shout, Jeff.holder@encoregreenenvironmental.com