Finally! Something We Can All Agree On!


The ARID western United States needs WATER. Can we see a show of hands of who agrees with that? 

Thank you, yes, we see that hand. Even you in the back. Yes, everyone agrees that in a water scarce region like the arid West, water is a welcome visitor. The only problem is that water doesn’t come to visit nearly enough.

Water in the arid West means that dead, dry dirt become healthy soil. Vegetation can grow and if that happens, then photosynthesis mitigates carbon out of the air. Everybody wins. 

So, where are we going to get this water for the West? Truck it in from Florida?  No, we actually have the water right here in the arid West. In fact, there’s a multi-million dollar industry dedicated to throwing away water in the arid West. 

Wait, why would we do that? Why, indeed!

There’s trillions of gallons of industrial by-product water in this arid region but we just haven’t fully embraced the idea of cleaning that water and applying it to the ground. Instead, when produced/by-product water comes out of an oil well, we haul it away to another hole in the ground and throw it away because that water isn’t yet ready for ground application.

That’s kind of like saying we shouldn’t eat a carrot because we grew it in the dirt and it has to be washed first. If you want a carrot, then, wash it.

Yes, the water needs to be processed to take out any negative elements so that the water is matched to the “DNA” of the soil. Then, let’s do that.

Yes, that costs the same or less than disposing of it. Yes, there’s already permitting protocols for this. Yes, we’ll test all water in a double verification process to make sure the water is ideal for the soil. Yes, we’ll put that water data available for the public to see. No, we aren’t making this up.

Do you need water for your land? Or do you need to “dispose” of water from your industry? Either way, we can help. Let’s talk before you toss away another gallon.