Hat Tip to the Wyoming DEQ


Like most things worth doing, it has taken a good bit of time and effort. We have now made significant progress in getting a regulatory pathway to take oilfield by-product water, clean it, and put it on the land -- starting a chain reaction of better soil, new vegetation, cleaner air, and conservation goals that we never thought possible.

The vision has been there. I mean, for a couple of years we’ve been telling everyone what can be achieved. But change is hard; we get that. It’s taken a while for all the stakeholders to get their heads around something new. 

We emerged from a meeting this past week with an actionable plan to now work out the details of this vision. We appreciate the Wyoming DEQ for this progress. If this path continues Wyoming will be the leader in how to steward our arid lands. 

There’s much more to be done and it’s not over yet. But we’ve turned a corner and it’s always good to take a moment and reflect.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Check out this link: