Want Water?


We all need water. And not just to brush our teeth in the morning. Water does all sorts of things for us – and growing things is one of the most important. 

Without water, our land is dry dirt. Winds take off the top soil. The nutrients in the soil die. We’ve all seen dry, cracked land, especially out here in the West. Heck, they even named it the Arid West because we just don’t get enough water 

But -- what if we could introduce a NEW source of water into the Arid West. Well, pretty soon, we’d just call it the West. Because being arid would be a thing of the past. 

Here’s the good news. We can do that. Right now. The intersection of oil wells and arid land is the point of opportunity. 

The oil wells pump out 3 to 6 times the amount of water as they do crude oil. This by-product water can be cleaned and put out onto the surrounding arid land. And what do you get when you get water?

Things that grow.

Conservation increases. Soil becomes healthy. Carbon is taken out of the air. The aquifer is protected. All because the “arid land” becomes “just land.” 

Land with water equals things that grow.

What will you grow?

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