No, You First


There are only a few business people who are willing to try something new. This isn’t to be negative, it’s just a fact. Statistically we are mostly wired to be risk-averse and go with the flow. 

But in business, if you are the one standing in the doorway, saying, “You go first,” then you will soon find that the door is closed and you can’t enter in.

The ‘Just Add Water’ Initiative is a way for oil producers, land owners, growers, and environmentalists to walk through the door to a better future of water in the West. Cleaning the oilfield by-product water and applying it on the ground for ag and conservation introduces a new source of water to the arid land with staggering benefits:

o  Soil health improves. 

o  Carbon is pulled from the air. 

o  Vegetation grows. 

o  The aquifer is protected. 

o  Growers increase. 

All of that happens if you ‘Just Add Water.’

But you have to walk through the door. Holding it open for others won’t do you any good. Thoughts on this?

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