Yes, You In The Back! Let’s Hear From Mr. Ag


We’re having a lot of discussion about our lands, our energy, and our environment. But we’d like to call on the quieter member of our group here today. Yes, you in the back. Speak up! 

See, we haven’t heard from Agriculture too much in the midst of the near-constant duality of environmental concern vs. need for affordable energy. The American growers have just been sitting in the back, doing what they do best: grow things and mind their own business.

They put up with unreliable weather, political maneuvering, a fickle consumer, and a lot of long, hard days to give us a myriad of food choices at the supermarket. But we haven’t asked them to stand up in our forum to talk about energy and environment very much.

The Beneficial-Use Water Alliance is here to change that.

See, Agricluture knows more about land than the rest of us. They live on it and earn a living from it. Most every grower is the latest in a long line of ancestral growers. It’s in their blood.

So, let’s ask Agriculture what they think about all this, since every day for generations they have been the best stewards for our land and environment. Their track record speaks for itself. Agriculture always takes care of the land. 

Industry’s track record is not so great. In the past, Industry has been known to compromise sometimes on stewardship of the land to keep the wheels of industry turning. They care about the land, but only as a means to an end. 

The Environmentalists care for the land, for sure. But, they too, are sometimes after a means to an end, as well. There’re some voices that want to wall off the land and make it a sanctuary we can only look at from afar or maybe go on a hike with special permitting.

Agriculture has proved they take the middle position. We need to use the land to benefit people, but we also must do it responsibly.

It’s the middle way. The way of the land. The way we can all go forward. Want to talk about it? Leave a comment or give Beneficial-Use Water Alliance a call or email: 818.470.0285,