Move Over Dyson, There’s a Better Cleaner 


You probably haven’t thought of it, but what we need to help our environment is a vacuum cleaner. No, not to vacuum the earth, but to vacuum the sky.

Our sky has too much carbon, some scientists say. And we have to find a way to get rid of it. Well, when we have too much dust and dirt in the den, we use a vacuum cleaner to pull the offending elements into the machine and then lock away the dust in a trash can. We use what we should call Dust Sequestration. 

So, why not do the same thing with our sky? Why don’t we vacuum the sky and pull in the offending Carbon and lock it away somewhere safe? Before you picture a wind farm with suction, here’s a better solution: 

Let’s use plants and trees to vacuum out the carbon and lock it away in their root system. We could call it Carbon Sequestration. Hey, what do you know? Everyone’s been trying to figure out how to do Carbon Sequestration and the lowly plant has had the solution after all!

Plants use photosynthesis to release Oxygen and pull in Carbon Dioxide. That Carbon is then moved to their root system and surrounding soil. 

All we need to do is grow things. And we have a perfect solution of too much dry land and too much oilfield by-product water. If we clean up that water and apply to the land, then things grow. When things grow, they turn on their vacuum cleaners and get Carbon out of the air.

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