WHY WATER: Because the Air Needs Help


Wait, what? Why talk about water alongside air? Water in the air is called rain, right? Well, there’s actually another relationship that water has with the air.

You see, our air gets cleaned up – carbon is removed, and more oxygen is released – through photosynthesis. That’s a 5-syllabal word for the fact that when vegetation grows, the plant releases oxygen and pulls carbon out of the air and locks it away in the roots and surrounding soil. Photosynthesis cleans the air.

But what do you need to have for that? 

Well, you need dirt. Check. We got dirt throughout the arid west.

You need sunshine. Check. If the sun goes dark, we have bigger problems.

You need water. Uh, no check. We’re in the ARID west, right?

But our Conservation By-Design™ method repurposes the by-product water from oil wells that sit on arid land and uses it to water the surrounding areas. And that makes photosynthesis work. 

 We need better soil. We need better air quality. We need to hold onto top soil. Just add water. 

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