How to Re-Arrange Deck Chairs on the Titanic


There’s a mindset in the oilfield by-product/produced water industry that is about as valuable as the guy whose job was to make sure the deck of the Titanic looked nice. No matter what he does – the big ship is heading for an iceberg very quickly.

The “iceberg” for the oil industry is that if you want to continue to drill, you really, really have to figure out what you’re going to do with your vast volume of water. This is a tough situation for Wyoming, Colorado, Montana. It’s a beyond a tough situation for New Mexico and Texas in the Permian. Regulators are granting fewer and fewer permits for injection while the projected volume of water grows exponentially.

In the Permian, if every drop of by-product/produced water went back in for additional fracking, that would only account for 7% of that water. Where’s the other 93% going?

No, we need a new solution. If we turn the ship away NOW, we avoid the disaster. What’s the solution? Agriculture. Open land (and oilfields have plenty of that) is the new midstream water solution.

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