Everything’s Better When You ‘Just Add Water’


At Encore Green Environmental we’ve kicked off our initiative called ‘Just Add Water.’ It’s a simple idea – instead of disposing of industrial by-product water into injection wells, let’s clean it up and apply it to the arid, thirsty land.

Over 40% of our nation is arid and most of that is in the western states, which also happens to be the major oil producing states. This intersection of where we need water (arid lands) and where we have too much water (oil wells) is our unique opportunity.

You can read all about it by going hereand downloading our free pdf called ‘Just Add Water’ Initiative. You don’t have to sign up and we don’t collect your email or anything. It’s just a downloadable pdf that will outline what we mean when we say everything changes by adding water.

Go here: 


You’ll be glad you did.