Soil is the Answer – What’s the Question?


When it comes to figuring out what to do with oilfield by-product water, there’s lots of questions. The answer to all of them is soil – which is dirt that has found a purpose in life. You see, dirt is all around us, and in most areas where oil is being pumped, the dirt is not encumbered with buildings and concrete. But in the major oil-producing states, that land is arid.  So, you have dry dirt that can’t do much. 

But since you have millions of gallons of by-product water coming out of these oil wells, the obvious solution is to clean that water and put it on the ground to make that dirt do what it’s made to do: grow things.

We say the solution is obvious, but it historically has been anything but that. Marvin Nash, the creator of Conservation By-Design, which is the method to transform industrial by-product water for agriculture and conservation, worked for over three years with an E&P company, fulfilling the usual method of “disposing” of by-product water, which is a nice way to say throwing the water away.

It was only a passing comment from someone about wishing there was a way to re-use this water, that Marvin’s thoughts went to alternate solutions. After he left the oil company, he realized the answer was right in front of him – or, actually, beneath his feet. 

Soil is the answer. Put water on it and you grow things. You heal the dirt. You stop erosion. You grow productive things. You get rid of CO2 in the air. And you don’t inject dirty water back into the ground.  All these benefits are because you add some water to the soil.

The answer is soil. Let us design a solution for you. Give a call. 818.470.0285.